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Batman The Dark Knight

Batman The Dark Knight is a fabulous jigsaw puzzle game. You must not look for too much logic from the game play as it is meant to be played for the sake of fun. The player has to use the computer mouse to drag and place all the pieces in the appropriate positions to complete the picture featuring the ever so popular Batman.
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Batman is one of the most popular superheroes around. Cartoons, films, comic books are the only the beginning of your ability to enjoy the adventures of The Dark Knight in Gotham City. There is also tons of exciting Batman games to enjoy. You can play games featuring Batman, Robin, Nightwing, The Penguin, The Joker, and all the others in a variety of ways, but have you tried some of the incredible Batman games that are available online?

The great thing about these games is that they're absolutely free to play.

Fun And Exciting Batman Games Online

It doesn't matter what type of Batman game you want to play, or if you're looking for something that your kids can enjoy (and these Batman games are suitable for all ages). You can find an online Batman game that will match any genre or level of difficulty you're looking for. Batman's Power Strike challenges players to utilize Batman's karate prowess against beams and bricks. An easy game for all ages is Batman Hits Joker, a first-person perspective game that gives you points for punching out villains like Joker, Two-Face, and Joker. A sports title that's proven to be popular is the humorous-but-challenging Batman vs. Superman Basketball. Use your mouth to win the basketball ball tournament with either Batman or Superman.

The list of games goes on. Batman Brawl gives you the chance to trade lefts, rights, and deadly combos with a variety of enemies. Anyone looking for a title with the look and feeling of a boxing game will love this. The Cobblepot Caper challenges you to assume the role of the Caped Crusader as he battles against the fiendish Oswald Cobblepot, better known to comic book fans around the world as The Penguin. All your favorite Batman villains can be found in these games, but you can also match yourself up against some new faces. Heat of the Night gives you the task of not only rescuing fellow Justice League member Green Lantern from danger, but also taking down the space pirate Kanjar Ro. You can also try to take down the chilly Mr. Freeze once and for all in Batman vs. Mr. Freeze. Batman Dangerous Buildings sends Batman on the dangerous mission of climbing up a tower, avoiding an array of deadly traps, and saving the day. Fans of the animated series Batman the Brave and the Bold can play the exciting Batman The Rooftop Caper. This is a particularly exciting game for those who want to see Batman leaping from rooftop to rooftop under the cover of night.

Do you like driving games? Do you like zombies? Batman vs. Zombies puts you behind the wheel of The Batmobile, and charges you with the task of mowing down as many of the undead as possible. Fans of the recent film trilogy can try a more serious riding game. Batman The Dark Ride puts coins and obstacles in your path on a daring ride through Gotham City. Batmobile Ride is another title that gives you a chance to tear through Gotham in one of Batman's many vehicles.

Try Some Online Batman Games Today

Batman games give you a plethora of exciting online game opportunities. You can play as Batman on the streets, in the air, from behind the wheel of a vehicle, and so much more. These games are available to play free online, so there's really nothing to stop you from trying out some of these great Batman games today.

We may not know when the next movie is coming out, but we do know we can play as Batman anytime we want.

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